Mission Statement

Our Mission
The mission of North Hills Christian School is to "Equip hearts and minds of students to impact the world for Christ."

Our Vision
NHCS seeks to provide a foundation built on a knowledge of TRUTH, guide students to develop qualities reflecting the CHARACTER of Jesus Christ, and provide opportunities for students to function as the body of Christ in SERVICE to God and in outreach to others.

Our Athletic Philosophy
Competitive athletic programs instill discipline, character, and integrity in a way that we cannot in the traditional classroom setting. North Hills Christian School (NHCS) provides an athletic program to help instill these characteristics of Christian godliness in its students. Our school places emphasis upon proper training habits, sportsmanship, and conduct. Self-discipline and self-denial are tempered by our responsibility to recognize the rights of the individual within the objectives of our team. Our hope and expectation is that students, parents, and coaches who participate in the athletic program will exemplify the characteristics of godliness and integrity in all of their interactions with others.

Participation in North Hills Christian School Athletics is a privilege with responsibilities. Team and Athletic Departmental policies are designed to hold its members accountable for their behavior, to protect the School community and property, and to protect the rights of the members of the community to function in an environment conducive to academic pursuits and athletic excellence.

The NHCS athletic program offers fifteen interscholastic teams across middle school and high school levels, which are designed to produce well-rounded students. The program emphasizes development of leadership skills, as well as a sense of responsibility, discipline, accountability, and Christian sportsmanship. Athletic programs at NHCS are governed by rules and regulations established by the Southern Piedmont Athletic Conference (SPAA) and the North Carolina Independent School Athletic Association (NCISAA).

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