Corporate Sponsorship & Donations

Corporate Sponsorhip & Donations to NHCS Athletics

Show your support for the NHCS Athletic Programs with your purchase of Sponsorship Banners today!

Sponsorship Banner Specifications

  • Your logo, business name, and contact information will be printed in full color.
  • Gymnasium banners are 4’x4’ and made of vinyl & fitted with grommets for installation. Over 1,000 visitors will view your banner during the basketball and volleyball seasons, plus all major school events.
  • Baseball field banners are 4’x4’ and made of a durable windscreen material designed for outdoor placement. Your banner will be viewed year round not only by our sports fans but also by the hundreds of vehicles that pass by NHCS every week.

You have the option to place the banner in the Helen Kelley Smith Gym, on our newly renovated Baseball Field, or both locations! If you would like additional information regarding this opportunity please contact our Athletic Director, Andy Brannigan via e-mail at

Thank you for suppporting NHCS Athletics!

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